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English Wedding Ceremony

Freie Trauungen

Free marriage ceremony/open marriage ceremonies, personal, stylish, emotional and humorous… just YOU

Do you wish a unique and personal ceremony? Then perhaps a free marriage ceremony is exactly the right thing for you.

Free theologians and speakers are at your disposal for free marriage ceremonies and wedding ceremonies. We are in pre-Pomeranian and Hessians (Frankfurt am Main, Wiesbaden), Baden Würrtemberg (Stuttgart, Pfullingen, Heidelberg, Karlsruhe) in Saxony (Dresden, Leipzig), Thuringia (Erfurt, Weimar, Gotha), Saxony-Anhalt (Magdeburg, Halle, and the south), Bavaria (Munich, Rosenheim, Nuremberg), Berlin, Potsdam, Mecklenburg and in other Germany regions.

In winter we represent in Austria (Salzburg country) and in the south. We very much also like to be in Switzerland (Zurich, Basel), Poland, Mallorca, Italy and France.

Do you want to learn more about free marriage ceremonies? Then feel free to contact me via phone:

+ 49 (152) 33953364 or via mail:

What is a free marriage ceremony and what do the speakers do? The focus of our free speaker and free theologens are the so called „free marriage ceremonies“.

Our ceremonies became more and more popular in the last few years because of the possibility to go beyond the civil marriage ceremony. These marriage ceremonies are not bound on a particular place or weekday, but can take place everywhere also at unusual places or abroad. The couple must care about the appropriate locality. However a wedding planner can also take care of that.

Our offer depends on the focus of the individuals and has a wide range. You can have a traditional christian wedding or a idividual but very personalized ceremony.

Important to succeed is that couple feels well consulted and accompanied by the free speaker/wedding speaker.


A free marriage ceremony does not replace the civil ceremony before the law. If you would like to enter into a legal marriage, a civil marriage in addition is necessary.

In case you’d like to rejoice your solidarity and togetherness in a private ceremony celebrating without closing a legally binding marriage, a free wedding ceremony is of course possible without a prior civil ceremony.

Questions and answers

Call us or send us an e-mail and we check whether we are available at your date. You will immediately get an answer.

While we are on the phone with you we explain to you how our ceremonies work and you can tell us your ideas.

If everything is clear, we need your address to do the contract and the date is yours.

Personal appointments with our speakers will be made only if details have to be discussed. Since we sometimes work all around Europe, we can not visit you in advance. If previously necessarily – for whatever reasons – the speakers can visit to you – but travel expenses will be charged.

Ines Wirth will close the agreement with you, send a check list and she will discuss design of your candle.

We are there for you, you can hear, see and talk to us.. also by video, Skype, Facetime.

We ask for your understanding that we cannot provide videos, trailers etc. of all the languages and couples as we must hold the rights of our engaged couples.

Important! We cannot reserve any dates! „Whoever comes first and books first gets the date“.

Why? We would like to be fair and offer the dates to the really interested couples.

Our performances:

-Complete planning of the marriage ceremony

-Process of the marriage ceremony with our ideas

-Personal preliminary discussions in the detailed planning, where it is possible

(any component of the contract-personal pre-conversations)

-Integration of different rituals

-TAX included

-Design of the speach

-Wedding document

-Adviser for testemonies, parents etc.,

-A wedding candle is included – color and design as the couple wish

To book in addition:

-Microphone system

-Live musician


-Translations for hand-outs

Which kind of ceremony do we offer?

Celtic marriage ceremonies

Marriage ceremonies of the same sex

Renewal-YES (for example silver wedding …)

Naming/baptism (life celebrations)

Separation ceremony

Bilingual marriage ceremonies (Italian, English, Spanish, Russian, Polish)